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Treasure Island Music Festival Play List: Day One

Sure the event is still a little over month away, but now’s the time to buy your ticket. Of course, you probably already know that Girl Talk will take his shirt off and bounce around nonstop for his entire set, and that Public Enemy is going to rock it old school. So here’s a play list of what else to expect on day one.  



1. “This Boy’s in Love” by The Presets 
Aussies are never ones to skimp out on the electro pop, but it’s always nice when they throw in a dash of disco. The Presets do exactly that, and “This Boy’s in Love” makes for a great dance anthem.

2. “Spitfire” by Porter Robinson 
The 20-year old solo man pumps out techno tracks that rival some of his much older peers like Skrillex and Tiesto (who, as you would have it, are also praising him). “Spitfire” is the perfect marriage of Ratatat and DeadMau5, with build-ups that result in awesome climax. A dance party will ensue, and expect lots of bright lights.

3. “Hold On” by SBTRKT 
Everything about SBTKRT has an element of design to it. His tracks are intricately laid, his guest vocals (especially Sampha) have distinct voices, and of course, you can’t ignore the masks. “Hold On” combines Sampha’s silky British voice with bouncy tribal percussion.

4. “Oblivion” by Grimes 
With her angelic vocals, pink hair, and trip-hop beats, Claire Bouchon is giving Canadians a good name. Expect bouncy pop beats set at the rhythm of your heartbeat, exemplified best in her current single “Oblivion.”

5. “Dive” by Tycho 
Local Scott Hansen—the man behind the pseudonym—creates atmospheric tunes that swim and swirl, giving you the feeling that you’ve discovered some underwater wonderland. Hansen’s creative juices never stop flowing (he works as a graphic designer under the alias ISO50), and his recently released and aptly named album Dive is the perfect example of his guitar-guided, effortlessly smooth music.

6. “Her Fantasy” by Matthew Dear 
As a musician, Dear gets around. He co-founded the record label/art house Ghostly International back in 1999, has done remixes for the like of Hot Chip, the xx, and Spoon, and has four separate musical aliases. His newest album Beams is a combination of his deep baritone vocals and funky house music, and “Her Fantasy” highlights his ability to intricately layer his tracks.

7. “Dead Pontoon” by Toro Y Moi 
The South Carolina native’s songs are tinged in sepia tones. His lazy garage-meets-indie-pop sound is infectious, best saved for the dwindling days of summer. “Dead Pontoon” is one of his more upbeat tracks with harmonies reminiscent of the Flaming Lips, a guitar that seems to have a mind of its own, and an ever-changing tempo.

8. “My Favorite Mutiny” by the Coup 
They may not be new, but the Coup group set the foundation for politically charged hip hop (and awesome beats). “My Favorite Mutiny” is the best example of their empowering anthems.

9. “No Duh” by K. Flay 
Everyone loves a skinny white girl who can spit raps as rhythmic, smooth, and unique as her rapping predecessors. She's also a local, so spread the love. Her newest EP, Eyes Shut, is not short of her spit ball lyrics, but “No Duh” is K. Flay in her prime.



Treasure Island Music Festival, Oct. 13–14th