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From Truck to Storefront, Frozen Kuhsterd Is About to Scale Up

The popular custard purveyor will arrive in the Mission come fall.

Frozen Kuhsterd truck


Not so much a cousin to ice cream as its half sibling, frozen custard gets its dense, creamy texture from egg yolks and a very low level of overrun (the air that’s whipped into ice cream as it’s churned). Popular in the Midwest, it has yet to really infiltrate California, something that Jason Angeles, Alex Lam, and Tim Luym sought to rectify when they debuted the Frozen Kuhsterd truck here in 2012.

Three years later, I remain grateful for its existence: But it’s remarkable for more than simply its relative novelty—its flavors are full-bodied, and their texture is voluptuous. I’m particularly fond of the chocolate malt. Made with Guittard, it boasts an optimum balance of flavor, which is no small feat—malt’s delicate, bready-sweet notes are often drowned by chocolate.

Frozen Kuhsterd will get its own storefront come fall, in the same 2205 Mission Street development that will house Citizen Fox, a vegan restaurant and brew pub. Though the store will offer vegan scoops, its signature flavors aren’t going anywhere—except into the open mouths of customers. 

Frozen Kuhsterd

Frozen Kuhsterd's custard.


Originally published in the August issue of San Francisco

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