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Trump and Us

How the Bay Area is coming to grips—through lessons of history, helpings of comedy, threats of secession, and endless waves of protest and resistance—with a once-unfathomable reality.


San Francisco’s Donald Trump
What a reeling city can learn from the strange career of a 19th-century demagogue. By Gary Kamiya

Queers Riding Tractors
What if we left our coastal containment zones and headed back to the heartland? By Lynn Rapoport

Calexit? Sad.
If we leave, the Trumpists win. By Lamar Anderson

The Unsilent Majority
Images from street actions around the Bay. Photographs by RE Casper, Ellen Cushing, Mike Kirschner, Costa Panagopoulos, and Angelina Santana

Eating My Feelings
How a food editor copes with political heartbreak. By Rebecca Flint Marx

Never Forgot
Survivors of the Holocaust on the rise of an American authoritarian. By Joe Eskenazi

Where Do We Go From Here?
Though his presidency is still a guessing game, Trump’s campaign promised us a post-Obamacare, post-Dreamer, post-Roe world. Below, a look at the three most likely—and most significant—changes on the horizon. By Andrea Powell

Vive la Trumpsistance!
Six ways the state should prepare to stare down—gulp—the feds. By Scott Lucas

Can You Hear Them Now?
Bay Area conservatives on the deafness of liberal ears. By Ian A. Stewart

Our Big, Dumb Ballot
Meanwhile, back at City Hall, an incoherent set of voter initiatives produces incoherent results. By Joe Eskenazi

Seven Comedians React to Trump’s Victory 
They laugh so as not to cry. By Ian A. Stewart

Art Trumps Fear
Four Bay Area artists react to the election in pictures. By Jonathan Crow, Mahtab Habibian, Clare Rojas, and Jake Watling


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