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A Tweet-by-Tweet Synopsis of the Google Bus Protests

Or, the the craziest day on the Internet since Batkid.

Not pictured: The Google Bus protest. 

The protests that blocked the Google Bus in the Mission for half an hour this morning moved so quickly, and involved so many controversies, that maybe the only way to follow it was on social media. Here is our Twitter-generated play-by-play account of the demonstration, and its grisly aftermath. 


9:19 AM: @jbruck: Google bus being blockaded for illegally using bus stop at 24th and Valencia 

9:24 AM: @tigerbeat: San Francisco not for sale #googlebus protest #gentrification 

9:34 AM: @tigerbeat: #Googlebus to mountainview currently stuck at 24th & Valencia due to #gentrification protest 

9:42 AM: @ellenhuet: Google bus surrounded, blocked by protesters at 24th/Valencia. Sign: "Illegal use of public infrastructure" 

9:45 AM: @FashionistaLab: my #googlebus is still under siege. I agree that there are a lot of probs w/ housing & displacement in SF, but we are not the source of it. 9:45 AM

10:02 AM: @generic_: Is there anything more predictable that condescension towards a protest? There is not. #googlebus 

10:30 AM: @emeyerson: 2013 was the year when SF debated whether it was a good thing that people were taking buses to their jobs instead of driving. #googlebus 

10:37 AM: @uppityfag: Anti-Eviction Protesters Block Google Bus In #SFMission @sfist Build your own bus stops, fuckers!! We pay for these!  

10:47 AM: @BrockKeeling: While writing about the Google bus protest, Jefferson Starship starts to play. Never felt as SF as I do right now. 

10:50 AM: @accidentalflyer: #googlebus is NOT the problem. Lack of public transportation infrastructure along Peninsula is. Get your chicken-&-egg right. #stupidprotest 

11:01 AM: @ellenhuet#Googlebus protest lasted 30 min, ended at 9:51am, SFPD said. 

11:03 AM: @mikesonn#Googlebus protest is over. Housing must be fixed now, right? 

11:04 AM: @realrichsam: If corporate farm worker busses #GoogleBus are going to utilize the Muni infrastructure they should pay for it just like taxis do. 

11:43 AM: @FitzTheReporter: VIDEO of Google employee shouting down San Francisco protester, who was blocking Google private bus @Buzzfeed @gawker 

12:04 PM: @kevinroose: On second viewing, I have $10 on that Google employee being fake.

12:07 PM: @SuperJesseH: On the other hand the gentrification they are protesting is inevitable. The natural consequence of a declining suburbs. #googlebus 

12:28 PM: @accidentalflyer: #googlebus GOOG rare private company still paying workers fair salaries, but it's ~ $150k not $1.5mil. Protest just wrongheaded & ignorant. 

12:28 PM: @FitzTheReporter: NEW INFORMATION: "Google" employee shoutout earlier today at bus protest was staged by union organizer. 

12:30 PM: @ellenhuet: From the #googlebus protest group site: "two-tier system where the public pays and the private corporations gain" 

12:33 PM: @accidentalflyer#googlebus is ghettoization goal of protesters? Turning San Francisco into Detroit? 

12:38 PM: @fmanjoo: It's not only that the guy is fake. The controversy is fake. There are problems in SF. But the pat oppositional picture this painted is FAKE 

12:41 PM: @accidentalflyer#googlebus protesters should direct energy at changing zoning laws so easier to increase housing supply. It's all basic law of economics. 

12:45 PM: @CalebGarling: This Google bus spat is one of those Twitter deals where we should all get a cup of coffee and check back when the facts have shaken out 

12:47 PM: @MonteReports: Looks like that shouting match with in front of #googlebus may have been staged: @sfbg 

12:49 PM: @jamilahking: When a union organizer gets videotaped impersonating a target, they're just asking for a failed protest.#googlebus 

12:56 PM: @JumalaLlinen: Why won't @google just buy all of the #SFBayArea, put a wall around it, and rename it #GoogleLand?#googlebus 

1:08 PM: @avolberding: Fake confrontation, real controversy. Stupid stunts distract from the real issues of inequality and legitimate grievances with tech in SF. 

1:24 PM: @mattyglesias: False flag Google bus guy should be Person of the Year. 

1:45 PM: @hoverbird: SF housing reform / social responsibility in tech advocates deserves better protestors. The fake Google bus stunt was clumsy and stupid. 

4:01 PM: @FitzTheReporter: THE FULL STORY: Who is Fake Google Employee Max Alper, and how did all that shit on @Valleywag and @SFist go down?


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