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Twin Protests Block Google Buses in Oakland and San Francisco

Updates on the breaking story. 

In a repeat of protest actions on December 9th, activists have surrounded Google buses departing from Oakland and San Francisco's Mission District.

According to Mission Local, protestors are again targeting the Bay Area's housing affordability crisis, which they claim has been exacerbated, if not caused outright, by high technology companies. In a separate story, one of the protest organizers was summarized as saying that she "want[ed] to see big tech companies like Google get involved in overthrowing the state’s Ellis Act [...] Or to somehow help restrict the rise of rents near shuttle stops. Paying for the use of the stops, of donating to the city or to housing rights organizations would also be a step in the right direction."

Placards held at the action were said to read, "No Private Use of Public Infrastructure" and "Evicition Free San Francisco." Another protester was quoted as saying, "We’re here to send a message to the rich tech companies that their business has ramifications and consequences.”

As of 9:20, the buses appeared to have departed from the Mission District. Following the conclusion of the demonstration, protestors chanted "We'll' be back."

UPDATE: There were two separate actions against Google Buses in Oakland, one at the MacArthur BART station and one at the corner of Seventh and Adeline. Violence apparently broke out at the second site, with demonstrators smashing windows and causing other damage, according to a report by KQED. Demonstrators there displayed a banner that read "Fuck off Google."

UPDATE: The bus blockaded in San Francisco may have belonged to Apple, according to a report by Reuters. At that site, demonstrators numbered around 40.


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