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Ty Segall By The Numbers

With his fourth album dropping today, and a performance at Treasure Island Music Festical on the 14th, San Francisco’s garage-band wunderkind is putting a cap on an amazing year.

4 Albums by Segall in 2012 (including Twins, out October 9)

62 Days between the releases of his previous two albums, Hair (in April) and Slaughterhouse (in June)

20 sq. ft. Size of the closet where Segall’s band filmed this year’s “You Make the Sun Fry” video

80% Hair’s similarity to post-Beatles Lennon

2% Hair’s similarity to the fuzzed-out, chaotic, guitar-sliding Slaughterhouse

0 Songs on Hair with Segall as lead vocalist (he’s the drummer to White Fence’s vocals and guitar)

49,272.7 Miles toured by Segall this year through October 14, when he’s finally back in town, playing the Treasure Island Music Festival (TIMF)

8.7 out of 10 Score gave Slaughterhouse when it debuted, high enough to make the site’s best new music list (Hair got an 8.2)

Millions and millions Number of brain cells Segall’s audience is likely to lose while thrashing to his TIMF performance