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We, for One, Welcome Our New Salesforce Overlords

All hail Emperor Benioff!

salesforce tower

Not what the actual building will look like.

Bringing us one step closer to our inevitable Blade Runner future, San Francisco-based cloud computing company Salesforce just inked a deal to lease more than half of the 61-story Transbay Tower when that building is completed in 2017. Like the Transamerica Pyramid before it, the building will be renamed after its anchor tenant: Behold, the Salesforce Tower. It'll be the largest building this side of the Sears (aka Willis) Tower in Chicago.

Bringing a high-profile tenant like Salesforce to the Transbay Tower has long been a goal of the city, dating back to at least Mayor Gavin Newsom, who in 2010, was "waxing poetic about the company's cloud logo perched atop the highest building in the city," according to the Chron. (Stop worrying—under the deal, the logo can't be placed higher than 100 feet off the ground. So that photo won't come true.)

The real estate deal, reportedly the largest lease in San Francisco history, stands in contrast to other large tech companies, like Google and Apple, that have chosen to locate their campuses in more sprawling sections of the South Bay, where their employees have to drive or, God forbid, shuttle to the campus. This HQ, by contrast, will force employees to arrive by the usual modes of Bay Area transport: bike, tuk tuk, and pink mustache car. 

By the time it takes up residency in the new tower, Salesforce plans to double its number of employees, having already announced plans to add 1,000 new jobs this year alone. The company, which was founded 15 years ago in the city, has been named one of Fortune's best places to work for the last six years.   

Just days ago, Benioff and his wife Lynn announced a gift of $100 million to two children's' hospitals in the Bay Area, their second gift of that amount. As part of that donation, Children's Hospital Oakland will be renamed after the couple. Benioff's greatest accomplishment, however, won't take place until next week, when he lands his first San Francisco magazine cover. Get ready—it's a doozy.


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