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We Saw what You Wore at Outside Lands

The fashion dos and don'ts of the Bay's biggest music festival

Sailor Moon is the captain of these port-a-potties (davitydave via Flickr).
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We like to think that this gang of four mugged Sailor Moon for her hat (davitydave via Flickr).
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We're trying really hard, but we can't get better resolution on this photo. Does the big guy look super pixelated to anybody else?
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These people seem to have smart phones strapped to their wrists that only tell the time. What is this crazy future? (davitydave via Flickr).
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Nothing captures Nine Inch Nails' hard edged industrial rock like a tasteful scarf (JessicaSarahS via Flickr).
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What is this little kid listening to in those headphones? Vampire Weekend is playing, but all she wants to hear is Yo Gabba Gabba (davitydave via Flickr).
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The Yeah Yeah Yeah's singer Karen O is seen here trying out for a spot in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (JessicaSarahS via Flickr)
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Let's face it. The most interesting part about Outside Lands isn't the music. It's not even the food (although that's a close second. It's the fashion. So, with that in mind, here's our slideshow of our favorite Outside lands looks.


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