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Weekend Almanac Inspires Your Days Off

Produced by a couple of locals, a new one-off magazine says TGIF in the best way.

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Far out in the Sunset with Weekend Almanac
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If you’re a sucker for those high-quality, ad-free lifestyle magazines, journals, and quarterlies sold at places like Rare Device—the kind that make you feel like life sure could be a lot softer and prettier if you just put your mind to it—then the San Francisco-based Weekend Almanac should be your next impulse buy. Based on the premise that all good things in life happen on Saturdays and Sundays, the first issue is available today, just in the nick of time for the you-know-what.

Beautifully designed by Ali Zeigler and edited by Lauren Ladoceour, both San Francisco-based professionals with a lot of experience in the publishing world, Weekend is like Real Simple meets Kinfolk with a little Bay Area fringe.

Locals will recognize lot of it, from a story on the Outer Sunset, which “draws a creative crowd: musicians, woodworkers, ceramicists, and artists”—and has easy access to good surf, not to mention places like Devil’s Teeth Baking Company (avoid the temptation to eat the page featuring the bakery’s sticky buns) and Trouble Coffee. There’s a Q&A with the owners of The Perish Trust and their little collecting habit. A hazy, pajama-forward fashion shoot called “Good in Bed” shot by Chloe Aftel makes the idea of spending a day lounging on your cozy cream-colored shag rug with an old-fashioned Sunday New York Times spread out look like a truly novel (and very good) idea. And the contributing art director was none other than San Francisco magazine's own Ron Escobar.

But the little bitty on hangover cures is my favorite. While there are suggestions for more upstanding cures, such as soda water with lime and a few drops of Peychaud’s bitters, it’s the full-page photo of a burger with a bacon and fried egg and a huge dose of ketchup that I’m thinking would cure most anything (especially if you’re of the opinion, as I am, that a burger is just a vehicle for ketchup).

As of today, 500 copies ($15 a piece) of perfect-bound goodness are for sale at their online store. Weekend Almanac is also available in a special collector's set, which includes the almanac and the original "Life happens on the weekend" poster. To get up to the minute notices, follow them @weekendalmanac. As of today, the jury is out as to whether or not Weekend will be a one-off or continue on. By picking up a copy, you’re voting for the latter. Around these offices—where we firmly believe that print is not dead—we’re all for it.


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