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This Weekend, "The Clock" Really Is 24 Hours of Brilliance

Christian Marclay's mesmerizing video installation is so cool, SFMOMA is keeping its doors open all night.

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Sure, you have better things to do than just sit there watching the clock. On the other hand, few things are more mesmerizing than watching The Clock, San Rafael native Christian Marclay’s sensational video installation at SFMOMA . This weekend, and for every Saturday through June 2, you can see Marclay's masterwork—24 hours of clips (see above) from thousands of movies, each depicting time’s passage and arranged in sync with the actual passage of time—around, you know, the clock for real. It may be the only reason in your lifetime to visit the museum at 4 a.m.—and again after breakfast, and again at night. Or you could just stay glued to one of the specially purchased Ikea couches, enraptured, until they kick you out on Sunday afternoon.

The Clock exhibits at SFMOMA  now through June 2. Every weekend in May will be a special 24-hour screening. Go to for more info.


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