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Our feature on Bi-Rite Market was nominated for a James Beard Award.

Caheri Gutierrez is one of the victims trying to make a difference in Oakland.

 The Hunger Games premieres today.

Weekly Round up

In case you missed it, here's this week's top stories. 

Oakland on the Rise: In a city riddled with violence, James O’Brien has found that the victims are stepping forward to take care of their own. 

Hungry, anyone? There’s at least one person who hasn’t partaken in The Hunger Games phenomenon, and she happens to be in our office. We grilled Research Editor Tay Wiles on obscure trivia about the series before the movie’s premiere. The result: some hilariously incorrect answers.

The (Bi-)Rite choice: We are proud to announce that Emily Thelin Kaiser was nominated this week for a James Beard Award for her in-depth October 2011 feature on Bi-Rite Market and how Sam Mogannam is changing the national grocery scene.

Getting Mirk-y: Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi can’t catch a break. After he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, Mayor Lee asked him to resign and is now making moves to remove him. The Bay Citizen reports on the faults within the removal process. 

Throw some money at it: With a looming IPO and Yahoo threatening to sue, Facebook just bought 750 patents to avoid the whole sticky mess. Tech Crunch gives us the lowdown on why that was not just the social media mammoth’s best option, but a luxury other tech companies wouldn’t have.