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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Tuesday afternoon lunch break link bait. 

Twin Peaks Home Collapses: We can't prove it was Greg Gopman's fault. Yet. [H/t: SFGate

Greg Gopman was a Jerk in the Office too: In the shocker of the century, a noted jerkface is a jerkface across multiple settings. [H/t: SF Bay Guardian]

This is What Snow in SF Would Look Like: I'm sorry. I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life. What is this "snow" everybody keeps talking about?  [H/t: The Bold Italic]

Belle SF Launches: Quoth the editors: "It will be the only locally based nudie/culture magazine." Well, just wait until you see the next issue of our magazine. [H/t: SF Weekly]

UC Berkeley Professor Wants to Transform Campus to "A Finishing School for Super-Rich Asians": Because that whole "public" thing isn't quite working out, one econ professor wants to throw open the doors to the princelings of Asia. [H/t: SF Business Times]


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