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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been "Working"*

 Your Tuesday afternoon lunch-break linkbait.

9 Gorgeous, Jaw-Dropping Muni Photos of 2013: To be clear, that's jaw-dropping in a good way, not in a holy-eff-what-did-that-guy-just-do-on-the-N-Judah way. [H/t: Muni Diaries]

The Tamale Lady Finds a Home: Said home is sadly not in our office, but oh well. [H/t: The Guardian]

Here's Why You're an Asshole If You Do Cocaine Tonight: Well, we'd posit that everyone's always an asshole when they're coked up, but this argument also involves cartels, so. [H/t: SFWeekly]

​Brit Morin's DIY2k13: A Look Back at Making Magic: Really though, don't ever change, Brit Morin. [H/t: Valleywag]

*and by that we mean "drinking mimosas and listening to Beyoncé at out desks". Happy New Year, SF!


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