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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Wednesday afternoon lunch break link bait.

Catching up with Kid Who Ran in Front of Car Chase in Bullitt: We're not crying. We just got something stuck in our eyes. [SF Weekly]

Juice Shop to Open Juice Box in Hayes: Kale drinks for everyone. [Hoodline]

Tape of Shoplifting Senate Candidate Hits Web: We guess it's more convenient to have your Senator come pre-convicted. [SFGate]

A's Want Singer George Michael: To sing "Careless Whisper." We're on board only if bobbleheads will be involved. [SFist]

Avalos Wants to Eliminate Mayoral Appointment to Vacant Supe Seats: To be fair, since the return of district elections, something like six mayor-appointed Board members have failed reelection before the public. Might it be simpler just to jump straight to the vote? [SFGate]

CCSF Sees Record Number of Graduates: 2,456 students in the academic year—a record for the embattled institution. [SF Examiner]


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