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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Monday afternoon lunch break link bait. 


Point Reyes Oyster Farm Denied Supreme Court Review: In what is the most distressing news to come out of the Supreme Court today. [SFGate]

Salt Lake City Model for SF on Homelessness Policy: Best practices from Utah. [SFGate]

Cliff's Variety Closed After Hit and Run: The Supreme Court actually now allows you to declare yourself religiously exempt from the laws governing hit and runs. [SF Examiner]

Facebook Emotion Testing Provokes Backlash: People are worried about this particular A/B test? Isn't Facebook's entire business model emotional manipulation? That and vacuuming data up to sell to advertisers. [SF Business Times]

Pics of Sense8 Filming at Pride: Sweet! [Mission Mission

Yo, Hodor Lets You Shout "Hodor" at Your Friends: Hodor! [TechCrunch]

Rare Device Expands to Noe Valley: The curio shop better not turn into one of those chain stores we see so much hand wringing about. [Hoodline]

Berkeley Is Getting an All-Paleo Restaurant: Sadly, woolly mammoth will not be on menu. [Eater SF]


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