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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Monday afternoon lunch break link bait. 

North Korean defector Park Yeonmi spoke in SF over the weekend.


SF Leads Way in Using Data to Measure Sustainability: The framework is easy. Gathering the data is hard. [Nation Swell]

Sacto Mayor Calls for Legislation to Encourage Ride Sharing: "If cities are going to drive the nation's economic revitalization, then we need to become laboratories and incubators of change." [SFGate]

LA Cabs Cited 10,000 Times Since 2009: Hundreds of violations at the airport. Thousands of violation of driver appearance standards, which we just discovered are a thing. [LA Times]

Elon Musk Terrified of AI: "Potentially more dangerous than nukes," says the inventor. [Mashable]

Inevitable Rent Slowdown on Horizon for SF Rents: As new units come online, growth in rent should slow. [Socket Site]

Silicon Valley Plans to Hack North Korea: Inside a conference planning to disrupt the Hermit Kingdom. [The Verge]

Fishing Boat Runs Aground Near Cliff House: The captain remains missing. [SFist

Inside Capital One Labs: It's cool, but they don't have a Dr. Strangelove conference room the way Airbnb does. [Curbed SF]

GLBT Historical Society Looks for New Home for Archives: Have you got a garage you're not using? [Bay Area Reporter]

Scooter Sharing Comes to Bernal: A new front in Bernal's parking wars? [Bernalwood]


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