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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Friday afternoon lunch-break linkbait.


Oaklanders protest on behalf of Ferguson, Missouri: It's almost as though they identify with a community haunted by racial tension and troubling questions about police conduct, or something. [SFGate]

Uber Promises $5K payouts to new drivers: Once upon a time only Ryan Gosling could make that kind of money on a drive. [SF Weekly]

Sharks attacking Google's undersea fiber optic cables: But the cables are covered in shark-proof kevlar, which up until now sounded like a fake line item for money laundering purposes. [Wired]

Tenderloin cartoon hits YouTube: Never read the comments when you're in the Tenderloin. [SFist]

Telegraph Hill Parrots Move to the Richmond: When your lease is up, your lease is up. [Richmond Blog]

Animal Rights Protestors Picket Circus: But honestly we're more intrigued by the fact that they've got an elephant trainer named Joey Frisco. Sounds like a Maupin character who sells hairdryers out of the trunk of his car. [KTVU]


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