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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Wednesday afternoon link round up

Chairman Willie: Sure he's awfully powerful for an unelected person, but we love his movie review so much. How could we stay mad at Willie? [H/t: SF Weekly]

The Tonga Room Is So Retro It's Modern: We had no idea that Edward Said was writing bar reviews now. Didn't he get tenure already? [H/t: Inside Scoop]

Our First Applebee's Has Arrived on Fisherman's Wharf: It's so retro, it's modern. [H/t: Inside Scoop]

BART Workers Would Have Strong Position In Another Strike: Hoist the mainsail, yacht commuters. [H/t: SFGate]

Federal Agricultrue Subsidies Would Buy 20 Twinkies Per American: Is there some kind of form we have to fill out to get those twinkies? Do we talk to the DMV or the Post Office or what? [H/t: Beyond Chron]

Pando Daily Steps In It: Our favorite part of this deep dive into the Pando Daily/BeachMint controversy is when Washington lobbyist, and worst person ever, Lanny Davis shows up. Here's a helpful hint about hiring Lanny Davis: Don't. [H/t: SF Business Times]


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