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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Monday lunch break link round up.

United Worker, Wife Accused of Stealing Luggage: You know, if you could get my luggage to baggage claim a little faster, I'd let you have a pair of my socks. (Stop stealing Jay Leno's jokes--ed.) [H/t: SFGate]

Hindustan Times, with 12 million Readers, Reports Honda-Khanna Race: But polls still show Khanna 50 points back. [H/t: SFGate]

Pope Francis Kinder To Gays Than Benedict: Our favorite part of this story is that the reporter who asked the question was from the Italian magazine L'Espresso. Yes, we know its not named for the coffee, and no, we don't care. [H/t: SFist]

I Grew Up In The Foster Care System: Your long-form deep dive of the afternoon. [H/t: The Bold Italic]

BART and Labor Negotiations Aren't Going Well: It's almost like you don't care about how much you are hurting Sarah Lacy. [H/t: SF Weekly]

Tom Cruise Visits America's Cup: Help us, Lord Xenu, your our only hope to save this fouled-up boat race. [H/t: SF Eater]

Startup Culture Is Becoming An Actual Cult: Now we know the real reason that Tom Cruise was up in the Bay Area. [H/t: Valleywag]


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