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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Thursday afternoon link round up.

Phantom Coast giving the Tenderloin a brewery, gastropub and live music: Yum. [H/t: SFGate

Sorry, Carpet-Bagging Challenger Ivan Seredni, But Katy Tang Will Beat You—Her Six-Second Vine Shows Why: Supervisor Tang's six-second kinda sorta campaign video is basically the best political ad since Willie Horton, maybe even Daisy. [H/t: SF Citizen]

Today's Craigslist Ad: $700 To Live Above 140-Square-Foot "Health Hazard": Quoth the ad, "we have towels over all of the vents and it is forbidden to use our central heating because the smells that come up from there make me vomit." [H/t: SFist

Page Street Mansion Sells For $3.3 Million: You know, if these are the only two option, maybe Tim Redmond does have a point. [H/t: Hayeswire

Oakland Left Out of Bay Area Super Bowl Bid: It could be that Oakland was left out of the bid to bring the Superbowl to the 49ers' stadium because of racism, the way this piece suggests. Or it could be that Oakland has the Raiders. We'll probably never know. [H/t: Beyond Chron]  

Now Trending: Green Strawberries: Green strawberries? You mean unripe strawberries? Ugh. Stop trying to make fetch a thing. [H/t: 7x7

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