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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Friday afternoon lunch break link bait.


The Other Golden Gate Bridges: We could have had a bridge in candy cane, honeycomb, or double-decker flavors. [Medium]

Muni’s New Bedtime: You didn’t really have anywhere to be after 9:30, right? [7x7]

The Housing Market Still Isn’t Rational: What’s that? Can’t hear you. In a bubble. Try back later. [New York Times]

Streaming Taking Musicians to Hell in a Handbasket: Oh for those simpler times when it was just the record label screwing you over. [Beyond Chron]

Did the DCCC Sell Out on Police Reform?: A question so contentious a DCCC member threw furniture over it. That‘s not a joke, it happened. [48 Hills]

Huge Affordable Housing Block Coming to Mission: This will help. We're so poleaxed from other housing news that we're having trouble getting excited, but this will help. [Curbed]


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