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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

 Your Monday lunch-break linkbait.

Machine Language: How Siri Found Its Voice: Notable for a) the fact that it reveals the voice actor behind Siri and b) that this person is not a literal robot. (H/t The Verge)

24 Beautiful Vintage San Francisco Travel Posters: Stunning. (H/t Buzzfeed)

Chinatown Is the Next Frontier for Ellis Act Evictions: Oh goodie. (H/t SFist)

Oracle Employees Skip Out on $33,000 Strip Club Bill: Whatever beats watching the America's Cup, I guess. (H/t Valleywag)

Restaurant Menus From the Mission's Past: Back when it was possible to get a $10 dinner at the Slanted Door, Bruno's was more-than-figuratively a meat market, and calling oneself "the first flourecent [sic, also ?!?] restaurant in San Francisco" was a legitimately compelling advertising claim. (H/t Mission Mission)



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