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What We Were Reading While We Were Pretending To Be Working

Your Monday afternoon link round up

Gavin Newsom, A Rising Star Eclipsed As Lt. Governor: Don't worry, Gavin. Gray Davis, Cruz Bustamante, and Abel Maldonado all went on to stellar careers after being LG. [H/t: LA Times]

Brit Morin Plagarized Her Entire Today Show Appearance: What's it matter if she pilfers a tip or two? The woman has stolen her whole persona from Betty Draper. [H/t: Valley Wag]

Uni Is The New Foie Gras: Wait, we thought shark fin was the new foie gras? [H/t: The Bold Italic]

Is A Six Dollar Hot Dog Worth It?: Yes, it is when it's filled with uni. That stuff is like the new shark fin. [H/t: The Price Hike]

The Anti-Coffee Coffee Shop: Because nothing says, "one espresso, please" like a coffee shop owner quoted as saying, "Fuck coffee." [H/t: 7x7]


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