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What We're Obsessed With Right Now

All the videos, vacations, books, and shoes full of popcorn San Francisco staffers are geeking out about right now.

Leave it to this lovely little city to bring you delicious food from all around the world. Newest gem: John Campbell's Irish Bakery, which I stumbled upon while wandering through the foggy Richmond. The smell of fresh baked bread will lure you in and the heaven-sent carbs (like the garlic pecorino bread or the savory mushroom and bacon potato bread) will keep you coming back…even if it's a long bus ride from home. —Sofia Perez, Editorial Intern

The Basque popcorn at the wine bar Aquitaine is one of those rare appetizers that you order again when you finish the first order. It's served in a funky wooden shoe (lined with newspapers, fortunately!) that hits just the right note. Smothered in tomato oil, brown butter, and the Basque chile piment d'espelette, it's sophisticated snack food.—Ted Gioia, Editorial Intern

The Orr Hot Springs, which I went to last weekend. They're about three hours north of the city, just outside Ukiah, in the middle of the woods at the end of a very long and fiendishly twisty road. You just go, hang out, soak, and try not to make direct eye contact with naked strangers. It's paradise. —Rebecca Flint Marx, Senior Editor

Someone made an Oaklandia intro video: Panoramas, picketers, and pitbulls—overlaid with that signature dozy bass of Washed Out, of course. It gives more serenity than spoof.—Ian Eck, Editorial Intern

One word: fondue. If you're super into Cowgirl Creamery and have high aspirations of becoming a cheese snob, then you MUST OpenTable this.—Carly Salzberg, Editorial Intern

The Year She Left Us—the SF-set debut novel by SF-based Kathryn Ma—is like if Jonathan Franzen rewrote The Joy Luck Club, and it's incredible.—Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor