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What We're Obsessed With Right Now

The rap songs, light sculptures, and baseball games that San Francisco staffers are geeking out about this week.

The Pulse Spiral at the Exploratorium.

Scott Lucas, Web Editor: Next Monday through Thursday, the A's face off against the Giants in four games of interleague play. Now that the USA is (sadly) out of contention in the World Cup, it's nice to get back to the sports that matter.

Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief: I've had the new single from SF rapper Watsky stuck on Spotify repeat this week. It's called "Whoa Whoa Whoa," and that's the reaction you get from listening to it. The Macklemore comparisons are obvious, but Watsky's better, smarter, funnier, and way, way faster than that other white-boy rhymer.

Adam Brinklow, Editorial Fellow: The Exploratorium recently premiered the Pulse Spiral, a light sculpture from biomedical artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. The Pulse Spiral measures your pulse and then sets one of its 300 hanging light bulbs to flash to your rhythm. I'm trying not to see it as commentary on mortality and, instead, just appreciate the cool light show.

Andrea Powell, Editorial Intern: Vegan food = not usually my jam. But last weekend I finally relented and agreed to try Gracias Madre and let me just say—cashew cheese isn't nearly as disgusting as it sounds. The special—a squash blossom quesadilla with pumpkin seeds—was amazing, as was the house-made guacamole. Besides, what beats a good glass of sangria on a warm Saturday night? 

Sofia Perez, Editorial Intern: These porta-potties, recently spotted in Russian Hill, are pretty amusing—and kind of charming. Allowing the carpenters and construction workers of luxurious Russian Hill residencies to do their business in style, these embellished johns have so much character for such a little box.

Carly Salzberg, Editorial Intern: Cafe Me! I’m not being narcissistic. I’m talking about the bakery near Washington Street. The owners are friendly—and they are the only bagel joint in the area. Once in a while I go a little out of my way to grab a lox bagel. Breakfast heaven.

Kate Van Brocklin, Editorial Intern: Bi-Rite's 4th of July holiday menu has everything you need for Friday's patriotic barbecue you don't have time to cook for. My favorite is the watermelon salad with cotija, lime, cilantro, mint, and chili flakes.


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