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What We're Obsessed With Right Now

All the stores, games, and former presidents getting doused in freezing water our staff can't get enough of right now. 


Andrea Powell, Editorial Intern: The new Green Apple Bookstore. I can't remember the last night time I read a story about a bookstore opening, rather than closing. The fact that this new branch of the beloved Inner Richmond outpost occupies the former home of Le Video makes its debut all the sweeter. 

Sofia Perez, Editorial Intern: I unassumingly wandered into Paxton Gate last weekend. It's a morbid little kids' candystore with taxidermy monkeys and lions everywhere you turn and an amazing mineral collection for your inner geology nerd (chalcanthite rocks!). There's even a garden out back with venus fly traps, succulents, and an array of greens crawling up the walls. It's a highly entertaining emporium of living and dead objects.

Annie Tittiger, Managing Editor: While doing research for our upcoming Earthquake package in October, a source at the SF Department of Emergency Management sent me a few fun quizzes, and I cannot stop taking them. There's one on what do during the quake and another called Beat the Quake, which is a timed test where you strap down your household items before the big one hits. It's pretty addictive. You'll probably do the quizzes until you get all the answers right. And then you'll start wondering where you can buy Velco-type TV straps, which I just googled for your convenience. You're welcome.

Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: I'm generally pretty indifferent to the existence of the Ice Bucket Challenge, but I somehow managed to make myself late to work this morning watching George W. Bush's oddly compelling rendition over and over again. 


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