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What We're Obsessed With Right Now

San Francisco staffers on the food, music, movies, and more they are geeking out about.

Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: A friend introduced me to Helmand Palace — an Afghan restaurant in Russian Hill — last night and the only way I could recommend it more effusively is if I wasn't still so full. LAMB FOR DAYS! 

Stevanie Wazna-Blank, Editorial Intern: Currently obsessed with this "smoothing and brightening" concealer from Sephora. Inherit dark circles or the temperament of a night owl? Well, I have both, and I'm now totally dependent on this.  

George McIntire, Editorial Intern: I've been listening to Kanye West's Yeezus all day everyday this summer. Check out this video for "New Slaves," made when the song premiered with projections on 66 walls across the globe.

Jenna Polito, Editorial Intern: Peter Kaminsky and Marie Rama's new cookbook, Bacon Nation, is making me reconsider bacon, one food that I thought I'd gotten over. Their recipes range from more simple dishes, like fettuccine with bacon and kale, to in-depth efforts like chicken with rosemary-bacon biscuit topping.

Jon Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief: How to Explain Twerking to Your Parents. Hands down the funniest thing I've ever read in the paper of record. 

Carolyn Alburger, Associate Editor: I had a day of eating items exclusively from the Red Sauce meatball truck and it was glorious. For lunch: beef-pork balls in spicy marinara. For dinner: vegetarian balls, made with lentils and quinoa, slathered in ricotta, with a side of garlic bread. Remarkably, I was not overstuffed from ball-heavy diet, just pleasantly satisfied. Hey, I think I found the next Snooki diet.

Caleb Pershan, Editorial Fellow: Janelle Monáe is streaming her new albumThe Electric Lady, on It's got funky horns, and above all strikes me as theatrical. Go listen.

Sara Deseran, Editor-at-Large: I'm not a vegetarian, but I can certainly get with the veggie program. And there's nothing better than a veggie thali plate lunch at Udupi Palace, which conveniently has locations in both the Mission and downtown Berkeley. Finish with a chai (mix in a packet of sugar, and—the real secret—a shake of salt) and you're like a new person. 


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