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What We're Obsessed With Right Now

The food, websites, and bus lines (yes, bus lines!) that San Francisco staffers are geeking out about this week.

Drone-captured image of the damage in Napa.


Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: VI: Flora, the new album from the supremely weird local one-man black metal outfit Botanist. It sounds like what might happen if a chorus of environmental-doomsaying aliens covered Mayhem, which is to say it sounds fucking incredible. Stream it on Spotify.

Scott Lucas, Web Editor:  The video taken by a drone of the damage from the Napa Quake. I think we're still only seeing the beginning of the use of quadcopters in reporting the news. Very cool.

Rebecca Marx, Senior Editor: Last night's public transit meltdown. BART really outdid itself this time. I didn't think it would be possible to hate something more fervently than I hate MUNI bus service, but I was wrong.

Annie Tittiger, Managing Editor: I haven't gone yet—but will be tonight—but the way my boyfriend's parents have talked up the Guam restaurant Prubechu in the Mission, I'm really excited. Apparently the chicken keleguan (a pickled marinade) has been recommended by the chef at American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. I've also heard something about a lot of coconut and curry usage. I will report back in detail next week.

Sosha Young, Office Manager: this is the best thing ever.

Andrea Powell, Editorial Intern: The 76X Muni bus. Leaving from downtown, this bus takes you all the way into the Marin Headlands, past the Nike Missile Site and Point Bonita Lighthouse, and promptly drops you off at a beach with virtually no cell reception. Concrete jungle we are not, it turns out. Remoteness is just a Clipper tap away.

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