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What We're Obsessed With Right Now

San Francisco staffers on the food, music, movies, and more they are geeking out about.

Floss Gloss

Carolyn Alburger, Food Editor: Acquerello's casual spinoff, 1760, opened last night and they've got a totally unusual take on beef tartare on the opening menu. It comes with a touch of red chile, mint and Asian pear, atop a smear of Marcona almond butter. The taste? Like Thai papaya salad and classic American tartare got in bed together and made a beautiful baby.

Ellen Cushing, Senior Editor: Floss Gloss. Nail polish, y'all. The company is local and they paint nails at bars and parties. They go stupid dumb and hyphy on the neons.

George McIntire, Editorial Intern: The US National soccer team just qualified for the World Cup last night with a 2-0 victory over Mexico and I've never been more patriotic in my life. I'm your typical godless socialist latte-drinking gay agenda-promoting San Francisco liberal but the only thing that can make me feel like a real 'Murican is watching the USMNT play.

Scott Lucas, Web Editor: I'm going to see Lindsay Lohan and James Deen's masterpiece The Canyons tonight at the Castro Theater. I haven't been this excited to see a movie since the Liberace movie. No wait, cancel that. I haven't been this excited for a movie ever.

Caleb Pershan, Editorial Fellow: OK GOOGLE NOW I just got a new phone and thought I was so cool until I read this.

Stevanie Wazna-Blank, Editorial Intern: LA DJ Pumpkin. Who classifies his music as "Electronic Mood Music for Romance & Espionage," which is pretty much perfect for every situation.


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