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What’s Your Side Hustle?

Sometimes a day job just isn’t enough. Six go-getters tell us how they bring in extra cash.


This is part of "Live Large, Spend Less," a comprehensive guide to surviving (and even flourishing) in America's most expensive city. See all of the stories here.

Day Job: Filmmaker-photographer-designer
Side Gig: Uber driver
Annual secondary income: $40,000
“Without Uber, I wouldn’t be able to work on my creative projects. This job buys me the time to do what I love.”

Day Job: Dow Jones research associate
Side Gig: Merchandiser for jewelry company Chloe and Isabel
Annual secondary income: $2,000
“This job is really flexible. I do it when I want to host a jewelry party or when I want to work on the online presence for my boutique.”

Day Job: Middle school teacher
Side Gig: 911 operator
Annual secondary income: $8,000
“I like the fast pace. There’s no call or shift that’s the same. It’s similar to teaching that way. My teaching income is what I live off of, and I use the rest to travel and have fun.”

Day Job: Director at Juniper Tutors
Side Gig: ESL teacher at American Academy of English, freelance writer
Annual secondary income: $12,000
“I was a high school English teacher for 16 years, but decided to make a change so I wouldn’t burn out.”

Day Job: Web developer
Side Gig: Video sound technician
Annual secondary income: $10,000
“There’s a whole world of video stuff to do, from corporate gigs to ghetto Craigslist jobs. I just did a video for a neurosurgery microscope company where the brain was open.”

Day Job: Product photographer, student
Side Gig: Lyft driver
Annual secondary income: $14,000
“I needed something to supplement my income. It helps me pay the rent, it’s flexible, and I get to talk to people.”


Originally published in the November issue of San Francisco

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