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When She’s Not Tearing Into Senate Witnesses, Kamala Harris Makes a Mean Spotify Playlist

The freshman senator takes a break from wrangling Trump testimony to make a playlist for African American Music Appreciation Month.


If you were wondering if Senator Kamala Harris was channeling some serious Kendrick Lamar vibes when her rapid-fire questioning gave Attorney General Jeff Sessions a case of nerves, your answers have arrived. Harris dropped a glorious Spotify playlist packed with R&B, hip-hop, pop, and more in celebration of African American Music Appreciation Month. It’s unusual to listen to Biggie after you just heard an Al Green song, but if anyone can convince you to mix the two together, it’s Harris. 

And how could we be surprised? Back in 2007, when she was still S.F.'s district attorney, Harris spoke to San Francisco about her love of rocking out: “My life is like the news, and I don’t need to watch the news. So I watch MTV and VH1. I know every song!” These days MTV is the last place any of us would get our music news, but Harris being Harris, she moves with the times. Her wide-ranging playlist mixes in Pharrell (“Happy,” of course) with SZA, the Hamilton soundtrack, and Marvin Gaye (What’s Going On with this country, right?). And because she’s still kind of a ’90s girl, she threw in TLC’s “Waterfalls” and some Boyz II Men.  

After seeing Harris on fire in the Senate Intelligence Committee of late, we’re pretty primed to close-read her playlist for clues of higher ambition. California’s junior senator is, of course, not taking the bait when asked about any presidential aspirations. But like another once-junior senator with a legal pedigree and a penchant for playlist making, Harris knows how to get herself a following. 


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