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Where To Eat Foie Gras Right Now

Have at it. 

Ridged pasta with foie gras at Acquarello

Ridged pasta with foie gras at Acquarello

Goose liver fans rejoice: Yesterday, a judge struck down a California law banning the sale of foie gras. Though several restaurants tested the limits of the ban, customers haven’t legally been able to purchase the food since 2012. But now that it's all abovebeaord again—and putting aside ethical considerations—where can you go to try the stuff? Here’s a quick roundup of Bay Area restaurants that are serving—or planning to serve—the luxury item.

At the Polk Gulch mainstay, Chef Suzette Gresham had been serving ridged pasta with foie gras, black truffle, and Marsala for years. The restaurant had been working around the ban by using a two-day process to make non-engorged duck liver resemble foie gras. Now that the ingredient is coming back, so will the dish—as well as others: During pear season, look for dry-farmed pear ravioli with foie gras and black truffle.

Michael Mina, RN74, and The Ramen Bar
Several spots in the Mina Group are expecting to bring foie gras back to menus soon. “We are extremely excited that the ban has been lifted,” said Mina. “Our chefs love working with foie gras.”

Hog & Rocks
The restaurant had already been flouting the ban recently by serving foie gras burgers—which sold out within minutes. Look for them to return, said chef Robin Song, adding, “The goal is to keep it as a staple.”

Humphry Slocombe
The people behind Secret Breakfast and Butterbeer will be bringing Foie Gras ice cream back into the rotation at their Mission and Ferry Building locations—they're just waiting on the sourcing.

Dirty Habit
Over at the Soma eatery, chef David Bazirgan is offering a $60 four-course foie gras menu, including oysters with foie gras and seared foie gras with ribeyes and black truffles.



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