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Your New Favorite Gelato Is Made From Water Buffalo Milk

Now you don't have to get a table at French Laundry to taste Double 8 Dairy.


Water buffalo milk occupies a holy space in the dairy realm thanks to the delicious—and notoriously difficult to produce—mozzarella it yields. But it also makes some top-shelf gelato.

At Double 8 Dairy in West Petaluma, Andrew Zlot has been churning the stuff from the milk of his 69-head herd with exceptional results. Water buffalo milk has a 10 percent butterfat content, more than twice that of garden-variety cow’s milk—it’s so rich that Zlot’s gelato requires no added cream. The candy cap mushroom variety tastes almost exactly like maple syrup and has the texture of a silk purse.

Double 8 has been available solely at restaurants like the French Laundry, but beginning in June, Zlot will sell his pints at stores throughout the Bay Area


Originally published in the June issue of San Francisco

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