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Famished: The Best Things I've Eaten This Week

There is so much great food in San Francisco right now that it takes a lot for someone to set themselves apart from the plethora of talent. However, from my perch on one of Namu Gaji's little wooden stools, I sat with my mouth agape throughout... Read More »


Snap judgments - Radio Silence

     Based in Oakland, this self-described “literature and rock & roll” biannual is like Lapham’s Quarterly for the Converse-clad. The intelligently curated collection (fiction, essays, interviews, and poetry) features musicians writing about... Read More »


Snap judgments - Emily Jane White: Ode to Sentience

A few years back, Emily Jane White described her job as “writing sad songs.” If her third CD, Ode to Sentience, is any indication, the Oakland resident deserves a promotion. Sentience’s 10 tunes are relentlessly moody and dark—the kind of intense folk... Read More »


Inspiration 101: Where to learn to upcycle

A guide to the Bay Area’s upcycling ecosystem Read More »


Snap judgments - Moonrise Kingdom

     The new Wes Anderson movie, cowritten by Anderson and Roman Coppola, certainly is a richer pastiche than anything else you’ll see at the multiplex this season. Its fictional New England island town, New Penzance, is sent into mild upheaval when a sensitive Boy... Read More »

The IPO shopping cart

Yes, it feels like 1999 all over again. But will the newly minted millionaires from Zynga, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Facebook burn through their cash the way many did in the bubblicious days of the dot-com boom? We talked to financial advisers, luxury sales folks, and people who... Read More »


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