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Hollywood Costume

03.26.14 - 07.06.14

A must see exhibition! Hollywood Costume, a ground breaking exhibition that celebrates and explores costume design as a key component of cinema storytelling. Don’t miss your chance to see Darth Vader, and characters from Kill Bill, Gangs of New York, The Big Lebowski and much more! It’s not just about the clothes, it's a complete multi-media experience. From research bibles and props to film clips and recorded interviews, you will be intrigued to learn what it takes to design a costume, and from the actor’s perspective what it means to become the character.

Making its West Coast premiere at Phoenix Art Museum, Hollywood Costume on tour from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, was featured in The New York Times as “Hollywood’s Finest on Display”, and claimed as a “monumental exhibition” by the LA Times. From Marilyn Monroe’s dress in The Seven Year Itch to Morticia’s dress in The Adam’s Family you will have the chance to see your favorites first hand before they are returned to studio vaults – over 100 costumes on display. This is a rare opportunity to see the costumes worn by unforgettable characters from films such as The Wizard of Oz, Superman, Titanic, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Dark Knight Rises, and so many more. Many of the costumes have never left private and archival collections in California, and most have never been publicly displayed or seen beyond the secure walls of studio archives. It will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime event.


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Phoenix Art Museum
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