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Your next Botox treatment is only a digital consult away, thanks to brand-new Beauty Bid.

Beauty Bid co-founders Lisa Allen and Dennis O’Mahoney at Shea Medical Plaza

For many tasks these days, all that’s involved is a single click: You can order groceries online, book a vacation from your iPhone and shop for just about anything from the comfort of your home. The beauty industry, however, is not that evolved. Well, not yet. But this is something Lisa Allen and Dennis O’ Mahoney are striving to change with the launch of their new Phoenix-based beauty portal, Beauty Bid.

With O’Mahoney’s background in software engineering and Allen’s background in the beauty industry, the two have developed what they bill as Priceline for beauty. “There really wasn’t anything like this in the market,” says O’Mahoney, Beauty Bid’s CEO.

After creating a Beauty Bid account, a user can upload a photo of his or her face (or other body part) and request treatment options and quotes from local providers for what the user wants to achieve. “What we try to do is eliminate the process of calling and setting up consultations with multiple offices,” explains Allen, who serves as the company’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “We provide the information upfront so the consumer can narrow down their choices in practitioner and then send out treatment requests to providers in the area.”

From Botox, fillers and cellulite treatments at medispas to full-blown cosmetic surgery procedures, just about any aesthetic enhancement can be priced and packaged by users without scheduling multiple consultations. The research is all right there as well: Each practitioner has a Beauty Bid profile displaying Google and Yelp reviews, plus overall ratings.

But O’Mahoney says it’s not just about competitive pricing and explains that users are often offered a variety of pricing and package options to achieve the results requested. “There is a lot of different technology happening right now, tons of advancements. … Everyone is coming back with different recommendations,” he says. 

So can you really start the anti-aging process by skipping the consultation and uploading your photo online? O’Mahoney says yes, claiming minor procedures can easily be addressed based on a photo, but he adds that major ones, like cosmetic surgery, will likely require further evaluation.

By the end of 2014, Beauty Bid plans to expand to other states, such as California, Nevada and Texas. And you can expect video capabilities by the end of the year, allowing for virtual consultations with a practitioner. “It’s all about finding the right doctor, the right ratings, the right pricing and giving you the right treatment easily,” O’Mahoney says.