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King of the Castle

The Arizona-bred star of Castle talks shop, home life and what he’d like to try next.

Devers' Hots: Watching The Returned, working out, winter ales, creating stained-glass windows, house projects
Dever's Nots: Daylight saving time, raking leaves, caulking, Mother Nature in L.A.

That 37-year-old actor Seamus Dever is anything like the character he plays on ABC’s crime drama Castle is debatable, but there is one big thing the two do have in common: their leading lady. “My real-life wife plays my wife on Castle,” Dever says, who has been playing the role of Detective Kevin Ryan for the past four seasons. “We were shooting a scene last night where she was so emotionally connected and it was very moving. I sit back in awe of her in those moments and I hope my acting is nearly as good as hers.”

It certainly is. The argument could be made that Dever’s acting career started at the age of 6, when his family moved to Bullhead City, Ariz. (“There’s nothing like sunsets in Arizona,” Dever says. “The sun does set out here [in Los Angeles], but it’s not the same as when it sets over the desert.”) After growing up in the Valley and graduating in just three short years from Northern Arizona University, the thespian now finds California nature both refreshingly new and frustrating. “I still mow my own lawn,” he says proudly. “I guess it’s from years of being in Arizona, never having that. ... My friends give me a hard time: ‘Why don’t you hire a gardener?’ they say. But no, these are my rose bushes, my ficus hedges, I need to do it myself.”

Even though Dever has already appeared in more than 60 plays and musicals and has been recognized for his performances on Army Wives and ABC’s General Hospital, the actor is certainly contributing to Castle’s widespread success. In fact, the hit show has won a People’s Choice Award in the Favorite TV Crime Drama category two years in a row, and we’re cheering for Dever and company to make it a trifecta when the winners are announced Jan. 8.

And in the long term for Dever? He’s craving a return to the stage. “I’d like to finally play Hamlet somewhere,” he says. Then he adds, “I don’t know what’s going to happen with Castle this year, but certainly in the future, I’d also like to be on my own show and see what that’s like.”