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A pair of stylish friends are sharing their love of fashion with the next generation.

Amy Yount (left) and Taucha Silk in Yount’s original solo venture, Amy Inc. boutique

It’s rare to come across the Scottsdale boutique that has not only withstood the test of time, but has actually grown up in the process. But Valley favorite Amy Inc., has done just that. From her previous post at Biltmore Fashion Park to her swanky space at the Shops at Southbridge, owner Amy Yount has seen her clientele through life changes. This spring, she’s answering their needs with a new mother-daughter boutique concept at Biltmore Fashion Park called Mae & Marie, which she will open with business partner and friend Taucha Silk. (In fact, the name of the new venture stems from the partners’ middle names.)

Both women are quick to clarify this isn’t your typical “mommy and me” clothing store. “I don’t want to use the ‘mommy’ term—and I’m a mom, I love being a mom!” Silk says. Yount further clarifies: “It’s still your contemporary market and price point, but more your everyday lifestyle clothing with a bit of mix for little girls too,” she says. In other words, you won’t find matchy-matchy mother-daughter cardigan sets, but complementary pieces instead. “It really plays off each other, but in a real trend-driven way,” Yount says.

Joe’s Jeans, Mother, Hudson and Vince for kids are some of the lines you can look forward to browsing at Mae & Marie. For women, expect popular labels like Trina Turk and Camilla, and Yogi Samara flats for both women and girls.

“Customers in my age range now have kids under 6, and they’re getting to know each other because their kids are in the same classes,” Yount says, explaining she often receives requests to start carrying contemporary girls clothing. “We don’t want younger women or younger girls to feel like they can’t shop there. There’s still going to be fun, funky clothes, but a little-girl aspect too, which will be absolutely darling as well.”

Yount's & Silk’s Hots:
High-top leopard Jimmy Choos, The Henry, white for spring, our new logo, yoga, Céline bags

Yount's & Silk’s Nots:
Riding boots, low-waisted jeans, bringing pillows on airplanes, Twitter, Lululemon 24/7