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Another Watershed Moment
By Katie Kelly Bell | March 3, 2011

During a recent meal at Watershed, I took a mental inventory of the dining clientele. To my right, a finely manicured sixtysomething nibbling on pimento cheese dip, in the center a hipster group of thirtysomethings drinking red...

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Weekend Warriors
Stephanie Davis Smith | February 28, 2011 If these 70-degree days have you aching to put the top down and hit the highway, there are plenty of nearby festivals to draw you across state lines. Our neighbors to the north host the Charleston Wine + Food Festival this weekend. The four-day...

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deFINE ART in Your Life
staff writer | February 21, 2011

Sometimes you need a dose of culture to balance out all that February Super Bowl revelry and award show mindlessness you’ve been absorbing from your couch. Get out of the house this week and mingle with Atlanta’s artsy and au...

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Pop-Up Shop
staff writer | February 16, 2011 Pop hits come and go. Here today, gone tomorrow. Pop-up shops have the same idea, but they do it on purpose. Brevity is part of their allure. Atlanta’s brick and mortar gang are getting in on the idea that a storefront doesn’t have to be here year-round...

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A (Delicious) Fork in the Road
By Felicia Feaster | February 8, 2011

Appraising the plainspoken black and white facade of La Fourchette, a cliché echoes in my head: “it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover.” Yes, Family Guy is on in the front-and-center lounge section of...

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Triple Treat
Stephanie Davis Smith | February 7, 2011

Whether you’re a high-end gourmand, into neighborhood watering holes or just happy to be holding a knife and a fork, foodies will love this smattering of offerings by Atlanta’s bon vivant set. Here is a trio to try.
Close your eyes...

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Buckhead Light?
By Amanda Lester Trevelino | February 7, 2011

When thinking of desirable neighborhoods in Atlanta, Virginia-Highland’s charming, boho-chic vibe and the tony enclave of Buckhead immediately come to mind. But just north of Buckhead (and adjacent to all its allures like Phipps Plaza...

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Killer Watts!
By Kevin Gray | February 6, 2011

As soon as Naomi Watts comes through the door, something is wrong. It’s a sweltering Friday at lunchtime. She hasn’t slept much. Her hair is mussy, in a sexy bedhead way. She’s sporting a strapless grey jumpsuit and cheap flip-flops, and...

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Hollywood and Divine!
By David Hochman | February 6, 2011

Five minutes into lunch and Hilary Swank already has tears in her eyes. She’s talking about Betty Anne Waters, the single mom turned lawyer whose life story inspired Swank’s new movie, Conviction—and who clearly made an...

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On Your Mark!
By David Hochman | February 6, 2011

“Mark’s usually right on time, so he should be here any minute,” the server at the Polo Lounge says with a song in her voice. She’s grinning as she clears the extra place settings from the back corner table that is, or so it seems,...

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Blue Crush
By Bridget Freer | February 6, 2011

It’s after 9pm on a Friday. Michelle Williams has just finished work and is pottering about the house, cracking open a bottle of wine and putting out a cheese plate. Dressed in ballet pumps, jeans and a soft, stripy sweater, she looks beautiful in an...

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Empire Building
By Felicia Feaster | February 5, 2011

A frigid rain falls as workers flee the 999 Peachtree building with a fall of Saigon urgency—their faces crumbling when they appraise the sky. Luckily, comfort is close at hand with the calming low lights and the silky strains of Dionne...

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