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The Swell Life

By Phebe Wahl

Photography by Sophie Elgort | Styling by Nneya Richards


A wave of talent floods The East End as photographer Sophie Elgort turns her lens toward her curated clique of chic cognoscenti.

Nneya Richards
Starting at only age 15 as one of the contributing editors of TeenVogue, Nneya Richards has been immersed in the fashion world for a long time. Today, career highlights range from being personally invited to the White House by Michelle Obama to serving on the boards of organizations like Glam4Good and Through Our Lens. “Fashion can be wildly empowering,” she says. “It’s stunning; there’s that quintessential classic Americana beauty,” she shares of her time in the Hamptons. “As a travel blogger, I live for this—the idea of putting yourself in the way of beauty, going outside and watching the sunset.”