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A Sartorial Salute!

by Karen Sommer Shalett | DC magazine | March 16, 2011

A few DC fashionistas soldier on

There are vintage shops—with their dreams of streams of Chanel—and then there’s the army surplus store, which comes in handy whenever Marc Jacobs shows a helmet bag. But imagine chic European military staples cut by German, French, Swiss and Italian designers, the cachet that comes with rare, authentic goods, and the fact that two DC-based entrepreneurs have curated a collection that feels decidedly of-the-moment, and you have U.S. Air Force enlistee Yvette Chaupis and style-phile Mohamed Numan have unearthed racks and stacks of never-worn togs, such as ’70s Italian Safari jackets, ’60s Swedish field shirts and ’80s East German officers’ coats. They can be yours without even having to drop and give ’em 20.