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Tiki TNT’s bright, tropical setting


3 Eco-Friendly Drink Tips

By Kelly Magyarics

Photo by Rey Lopez


We asked the District’s pros how to shake up sustainable sips in your abode.

Gina Chersevani
“If it’s not an ingredient, then it’s not a garnish; use the skins and the fruit throughout the same cocktail. Flowers are also a beautiful and sustainable option.” Buffalo & Bergen, 1309 Fifth St. NE, 202.543.2549

Jake Kenny
“Sombra Mezcal practices a low-carbon footprint and works perfectly subbed in for gin in an Aviation.” Royal, 501 Florida Ave. NW, 202.332.7777

Todd Thrasher
“After juicing limes, soak the shells in overproof rum and use them to garnish Tiki tipples like the mai tai.” Tiki TNT, 1130 Maine Ave. SW, 202.900.4786