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Jennifer Wagner Schmidt

HOME, JEN! Jennifer Wagner Schmidt lives what she preaches (a contemporary vibe) in her own Reston home.


New School

By Michael McCarthy

Photography by Greg Powers


Armed with fresh brand partnerships and clients who crave more than the classic DC look, Jennifer Wagner Schmidt sees the horizon—and it’s decidedly modern.

Washington sits at a watershed moment, not only politically and culturally, but, as Jennifer Wagner Schmidt would argue, aesthetically. The Virginia-based interior designer and owner of JWS Interiors ( says that while some devotees to classic design will cling to their Shaker chairs and muted-tone settees forever, the contemporary revolution frames almost every conversation she has with clients these days.

“Our history is so distinct in DC,” says the Loudoun native who calls her style modern glamour. “For decades, Washingtonians have embraced that history when designing their homes—even their wallpaper selections. I’ve seen countless colonial-inspired theme rooms. But the move to modern spaces is happening. Younger generations are starting to dictate their own design sense, which is more minimal.”