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Kia Weatherspoon

Kia Weatherspoon in The Constellation suite at the InterContinental Washington DC – The Wharf


Women of Style: 5 New Facts

By Kristen Schott

Photo by Greg Powers


Want to know more about this month’s chic trendsetters? Here, another look at their fashion sense.

What is your secret weapon when it comes to fashion?
Kia Weatherspoon:
Always be overdressed.

What don’t you ever leave the house without?
Kaitlin Puccio:
Manicured nails. I do my nails 52 times a year. … And my toes always match—even in winter.

When it comes to fashion, what are you drawn to?
Keke Olisemeka:
I have no rules. I wear what I like, and what I like is a moving target. When it comes to clothes, variety is the spice of life. I’m always looking for new ways to express my style, and for that, a girl’s gotta have options.

When was your first fashion moment?
Teresa Foss-Del Rosso:
I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. My mom had bought this hot pink tiny Disney mirror and comb set for my tiny white patent leather purse. The mirror wasn’t even a real mirror but rather a sticker, and I carried that set around... everywhere, including church.

What is the most cherished item in your closet?
Kelly Collis:
Next to my wedding dress, a Proenza Schouler yellow silk poofy skirt.