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5 Icy Beverages to Beat the Heat

Overindulge on the tastes of summer that make us intoxicated with happiness.

5 Summer Cocktails to Beat the Heat in Washington, DC

The Rakia at Ambar keeps summers abundantly cool.

1. Cider Selections
Cider replaces the beloved Corona as more sippers are trading in brews for light apple ales. This fresh, crisp taste is the cool you need on a hot DC day and comes in all shapes and models—cider cocktails, bottled ciders and even frozen ciders. The Prospect, 1214 U St. NW, 202.450.4109

2. Choose Your Own Adventure
The price is right with a French 95, depending on your choice of bubbly and spirit. $10-$100, Left Door, 1345 S St. NW, 202.734.8576

3. Rooftop Rakia
Have a taste for the international, but staying in DC for the summer? Take a trip to the Balkans with the finest fruit brandy in DC. Washingtonians are raving about Rakia. $10, Ambar, 523 8th St. SE, 202.813.3039

4. A Spritz of Summer
The Aperol Spritz is an act of Italian ingenuity, as it blends prosecco with a splash of club soda and a slice of orange. This simple summer spritz is perfect to sip on a hot summer evening with a platter of pasta or flatbread. il Canale, 1065 31st St. NW, 202.337.4444

5. The Cobbler
The Cobbler uses the berry blooms of spring, matured for the summer season, in a muddled mix of fresh citrus, fresh fruit and sherry. $10, Mockingbird Hill, 1843 7th St. NW, 202.316.9396