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5 Salons for Mani Mania

Get your nails primed for summer getaways at these polished locations. 

5 Salons for Mani Mania in DC

 Varnish Lane

1. Nailsaloon
This salon’s superior quality and prohibition of toxicity and grime creates an the ultimate nail-care experience. Nail polish scents are swept up in a high-tech ventilation system and tools are single-use. While your nails dry, wet your whistle with an assortment of vino, brews and cocktails. Saloon mani, $32, 1508 14th St. NW, 202.299.0095

2. Varnish Lane
Carrie Dunne took things into her own hands (and feet) and made her own perfect nail salon. This luxe lane of design offers waterless treatments and chemical-free products that enhance nail polish durability. Luxe Lane mani, $44, 5236 44th St. NW, 202.506.5308

3. Patsy’s Nail Bar
For the ultimate pampering experience, treat yourself to a range of manicures fit for any schedule and customer. Luxury Spa manicure, $45, 1926 I St. NW, 202.466.2457

4. Haven Beauty Lounge
This members-only lounge’s five-star services are absolutely worth it, according to its legion of fans. Call for pricing, 8607 Westwood Center Drive, Ste. 100, Vienna, Va., 571.386.9560

5. Georgetown Salon Spa
Step into this private and peaceful nail oasis filled with natural lighting. More than two dozen staff with decades of experience hail from Turkey, England, France, Brazil, Mongolia, Vietnam and El Salvador. Expect incredible service. Spa manicure, $25, 2715 M St. NW, 202.333.8099