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5 Swoonworthy Summer Scoops

Take a lick of these summery scoops to cool you down on a hot afternoon. 

Oatmeal-raisin ice cream at Rare Sweets

1. Lemon Opal Basil 
Citrusy and slightly herbaceous, this sorbet pops on the palate. It’s the taste of sunshine in a cone or cup (your choice, no judgments!). $10 a pint, Dolcezza, multiple locations

2. Blueberry Pie
Peak season blueberries form the backbone of the purple ice cream shot through with bits of buttery piecrust. Sure to evoke fond memories of your grandmother’s best baking. $9 a pint, Ice Cream Jubilee, 301 Water St. SE, 202.863.0727

3. Southern Maple Cornbread
New England meets Old Dominion in this clever combination. You’ll love it no matter which side of the Mason Dixon line you’re from. $6-$8 a cone, Westray’s Finest

3. Passion Fruit Orange Blossom Honey
There’s so much happening in this gelato. It’s tart, tangy, zesty and deeply sweet all at once, making it as enthralling as it is refreshing. $10 a pint, Dolci Gelati, 1420 8th St. NW, 202.518.1287

4. Oatmeal Raisin
After steeping her ice cream base with oats and cinnamon, pastry pro Meredith Tomason throws in a flurry of rum-rich raisins to create frozen treat that recalls the classic cookie. $6-$7 a cone, Rare Sweets, 963 Palmer Alley NW, 202.499.077