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Snapshotworthy city moments, captured!


Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Tony Sciascia loves how architecture interacts with people, especially in DC. “We’re a city where our very streets were plotted by a former student of the Louvre; we’re a city that built cathedrals for Metro stations; and we’re a city with Mies van der Rohe’s only public library,” says Sciascia, a local lawyer and amateur photographer. When Sciascia and his wife recently visited the Hirshhorn to see Marvelous Objects, they were also drawn to an exhibit space with a blue glow: artist Dan Flavin’s intriguing fluorescent-light installation. Sciascia reached for his Leica X2 with a fixed 24 mm lens. “I love [the exhibit’s] use of light, space and shapes to transform not just an entire room, but also the viewer’s entire perspective,” he says. “Viewers are bathed in light and made part of the exhibit; you close your eyes and still see blue.” For the composition he desired, Sciascia waited until other museum guests wandered into the space. “By the time they got to the end, immersed in blue, they had almost become photo negatives of themselves.” The resulting shot—a surreal funhouse of shapes and vivid color—was yet another visual epiphany for Sciascia. “With a city like this, how could I not bring my camera with me everywhere I go?” he says.