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Real estate mogul Donna Evers’ interests continue to grow, along with the selection of exceptional wines at her vineyard.

Among the many tastes available at Twin Oaks Tavern Winery, owner Donna Evers says a winter favorite is mulled wine with spices.

Donna Evers admits her wine story sounds like a Bob Dylan song. She was traveling on a train from Munich to Venice with her husband in 1999 when she awoke to see vineyards for long and lovely stretches outside her window. She turned to her husband and said, “I must have a vineyard!”

For many people, this declaration would have been a vacation daydream that would quickly dissipate once stateside. But Evers is as driven as she is creative—the owner of Evers & Co. Real Estate also plays the guitar, writes about local history and is an accomplished painter—so Twin Oaks Tavern Winery in Bluemont, Va., was grapevine destiny. The boutique winery now produces 1,000 cases a year, and those batches (including chardonnay, vidal blanc and cabernet sauvignon) have garnered lots of praise, including Golds from the Virginia Wine Lovers 2015 Wine Classic for the 2013 chardonnay. Another greatly anticipated wine—the Norton 2014—will be released this month.

“When people ask me what I do, I usually tell them I own a real estate company and a winery. They always ignore the real estate part of my answer and go straight to wine and say, ‘Oh, my, that’s my dream!’” Tasting room opens Jan. 8, noon-7pm, 18035 Raven Rocks Road, Bluemont, Va.

Red Bordeaux-style wines, crisp chardonnays with good mineral tones, bright-colored scarves, French bistro-style restaurants, big jewelry

Moscato, buttery chardonnays, sheepskin vests, leggings and flannel shirts, black nail polish